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Looking for something fun & different? Suitable for all ages from 6 to 65, whatever the weather?

Look no further..LAzerzone is the ultimate laser adventure.

It sets your pulse racing, sharpens your senses and gives you that mix of excitement and fun that guarantees a great night out.

Book yourself and your friends into a game before or after a game of ten-pin bowling, a meal or a drink and you will have a guaranteed topic of conversation for the rest of the evening.

LAzerzone gives you the opportunity to escape the mundane chores of life and with a licensed bar there’s no shortage of liquid refreshments.

1 game £5.00

2 games £9.00

3 games £12.00

Imagine yourself in a Dark Futuristic Wasteland…

Lights flash, smoke swirls, the music pounds. You’re armed but you feel vulnerable and you sense movement. Suddenly a shadow comes to life, a bright red laser beam cuts through the darkness and barely misses your arm…

…Your heart pounds as you race for cover…

Why imagine when you can play for real at LA Bowl LAzerzone Ayr.

The start of the game

Before the game starts the players are familiarised with the game rules, which are designed to make the game experience safe and fun for everyone. Then, the players receive the game gear, which includes the game pack and the gun.

Players can choose to join either the red, yellow or blue team by picking the game pack of that colour. Team games are a great way for you and your friends to test yourselves against other players! However, if you would rather have a battle to prove who is the best player then the game can be set to free-for-all. In this game mode there are no teams and each player competes to get the highest individual score!

Playing the game

The game is a fast and exciting battle to shoot your enemies more times than they can shoot you! Every time you shoot an opponent you will gain points which will be calculated at the end of the game. In addition to the other players, there are also three bases which can be shot to provide even more points for you and your team! You will have to be careful though as the bases can shoot back at you!

End of the game

Once the game has come to an end and the scores have been calculated each player will be able to return to the front desk and see their team scores. In addition to this each player is issued with a personal in depth score sheet which provides accurate information on almost every aspect of the game, from the amount of times you shot another player to your overall accuracy.

This way you have proof that you were the best player, or the most accurate player, or maybe this will be an unfortunate reminder that your friends are better than you are! However, with our multi-game deals and special offers you can always have another game (or games) to show that you can do better!


  • Fast paced, exciting game for you and your friends!
  • Safe fun for all the family!
  • Large indoor arena filled with many hiding places!
  • Team or free-for-all game modes!
  • Friendly and helpful staff!